Andrew Neilson

Assistant Professor - Food Science and Technology

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Dr. Neilson’s research focuses on two things: the mechanism by which obesity and Type 2 diabetes develop and if dietary components can inhibit the effects of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. 


Individuals who are obese or have Type 2 diabetes often have a compromised gut wall.  This weakened gut allows for more endotoxins to enter the bloodstream, which results in inflammation and insulin resistance that augment the effects of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Concurrently to understanding how these health risks develop, Dr. Neilson investigates if there are dietary components that may counteract them. His team is looking at the delivery, absorption and metabolism of dietary components such as grape seed extract and cocoa. The expectation is that these dietary components will help maintain gut wall integrity- which may then combat obesity and Type 2 diabetes.