Lijuan Yuan

Assistant Professor - Virology and Immunology

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Dr. Yuan studies the interactions among enteric (intestinal) viruses, probiotics and host immune systems and focuses on the development of more effective and safe vaccines against rotavirus and norovirus gastroenteritis.


Current research projects in Yuan laboratory include

  1. study mechanisms of immune modulation by probiotic bacteria in rotavirus infection and vaccination using gnotobiotic pig model of human rotavirus infection and diseases;
  2. evaluate the viral protein-specific immune responses to a live oral trivalent reassortant rotavirus vaccine to identify the determinants of heterotypic protective immunity;
  3. evaluate the safety, immunogenicity, and broadness of protection of human norovirus subunit (P particle) vaccines using the gnotobiotic pig challenge model of currently circulating noroviruses; and
  4. develop helper-virus free reverse genetics system for rotavirus, which will significantly decrease the complexity of genome manipulation and virus selection, and will provide a wider range of applications for genetics analysis of rotaviruses and vaccine development.