Tom Inzana

Tyler J. and Frances F. Young Chair of Bacteriology

Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology

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Dr. Inzana's research interests are the development of improved vaccines and diagnostic tests for bacterial pathogens and biowarfare agents, investigation of the molecular basis of capsules and lipopolysaccharides in bacterial virulence, and the host immune response to bacterial pathogens.


Inzana and colleagues developed a live attenuated vaccine for swine pleuropneumonia, which is commercially available from Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica as APP-ALC, to control disease due to Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. His current research focuses on understanding the role of bacterial virulence factors in pathogenesis and host response, and the development of subunit and live vaccines to prevent tularemia and glanders due to the select agents Franciscella tularensis an Burkholderia mallei, respectively.

Inzana's group in collaboration with Dr. Randy Heflin in physics is also developing antibody and DNA-based nanoparticle biosensors to diagnose these agents. Inzana's group is investing the in vivo development and function of Histophilus somni biofilm formation in the bovine host during pneumonia, myocarditis, and other systemic infections to develop new treatments to prevent biofilm formation, and as a model to study human health biofilm infections. Inzana is board certified by the American Board of Medical Microbiology and Public Health and is a Fellow of the American Academy for Microbiology. He is a member of the American Society for Microbiology, the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases, and the International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society.