Vivica Kraak

Assistant Professor - Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise

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Dr. Kraak’s research is focused on food and nutrition policies that emphasize population-based approaches to promote healthy food environments, healthy lifestyles, and prevent obesity and diet-related non-communicable diseases in the United States.


Dr. Kraak’s research aims to bridge knowledge across many disciplines to understand complex public health nutrition and food policy issues as they evolve through policy development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Her interdisciplinary research uses mixed-methods to explore the interests and actions of diverse stakeholders across different sectors and settings. Dr. Kraak’s research has four major themes, which include:

1.       Designing and evaluating population-based approaches to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases among children and adolescents.

2.       Developing and testing principles and guidelines for accountable public-private partnerships and engagement involving the food industry, government and public-interest non-governmental organizations to promote healthy food environments.

3.       Improving responsible marketing practices of the food, beverage, restaurant and entertainment industries to collectively promote a healthy diet to American children and adolescents.

4.       Making translational food policy research relevant to policymakers and decision-makers in the United States and globally.