Cytokinetic diversity and the mechanisms that promote robust cell division



Dr. Julie Canman; Assistant Professor, Columbia University

October 20 in the Fralin Auditorium, Fralin Hall 102

Hosted by Dr. Daniela Cimini



Cytokinesis is the process by which one cell physically divides into two at the end of the cell cycle.  Successful cytokinesis, which ensures that each daughter cell inherits a single nucleus, requires precise spatial and temporal regulation.  Failure in cytokinesis, resulting in a binucleated tetraploid cell, is emerging as an important contributor to many human diseases including blood diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer.  While many of the major molecular players essential for cytokinesis have been identified, in most cases the precise timing and dynamic localization of their roles in cytokinesis remain poorly understood.  Moreover, very little is known about how the molecular and temporal regulation of cytokinesis is modified in specific cell types to cause cytokinetic diversity, or variation in cytokinesis, in the multicellular organism.

The Canman lab has two main goals:  1) to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the spatial, temporal, and cell-type specific regulation of cytokinesis; and 2) to develop novel imaging-based thermogenetic technologies as precise tools to dissect these mechanisms--tools that can be applied to any cell biological system accessible to light microscopy.  Here “thermogenetics” is defined as the use of temperature to control the function of genetically-encoded temperature-sensitive proteins.  Using the optically clear and genetically tractable model organism Caenorhabditis elegans, the lab combines single cell analysis and traditional genetics with novel thermogenetic tools to probe the temporal and spatial requirements of cytokinesis proteins, identify new roles for cellular factors in cytokinesis, and examine the impact of cell fate specification and multicellularity on mechanisms of cell division.

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