Fralin Auditorium Instructions

Fralin Auditorium Help.docx Click the link above to download the instructions as a Word document.

1.     If the touch panel is black, touch it to turn it on

2.     Press the power button in the bottom left if ‘System Off’ is displayed

3.     Select your input device

a.     Room PC if using the PC in the auditorium

b.     Podium Cables if using your own laptop

4.     When done presenting - Push the power button in the bottom left then push the red ‘Shut Down’ button to power off

The broadcast URL is

1.     Push the ‘Show Streaming Controls’ button in the bottom left

2.     Push ‘Start Recording’ to begin broadcasting to YouTube

3.     Push ‘Stop Broadcasting’ to stop the stream

There are preset camera angles built into the system. To use these:

1.     Press the ‘Show Camera Controls’ button

2.     Ensure that ‘Rear Camera’ is selected at the top

3.     Press the ‘Preset 1’, ‘Preset 2’, and ‘Preset 3’ buttons to change the camera angle

a.     Preset 1 points the camera at the podium

b.     Preset 2 zooms in on the screen

c.     Preset 3 positions the camera to capture both the podium and screen

1.     Once on the livestream page, click’ Sign In’ in the top right of the window

2.     Sign in using your login credentials

3.     If you hover over the chat window and get a message saying “Create a channel to join the chat:

a.     Click the YouTube Icon in the top left

b.     Click ‘My Channel’

c.     Enter your name and click the ‘Create Channel’ button

4.     You should now be able to live chat in the Fralin livestream