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Dr. Brinberg researches consumer behavior with a focus on the social factors associated with obesity, such as parenting and emotions.  He studies “why people eat what they eat” in order to develop strategies for modification.


Dr. Brinberg’s research specialty is in the field of social marketing, namely the application of marketing theory and principles to the solution of social problems. His research focuses on research methodology and on attitude formation, attitude change, emotions and emotion regulation, and decision making as applied to social marketing. He has used social marketing models to study a wide range of topics including nutrition during pregnancy, obesity, sexual risk taking, and alcohol use in youth. In conjunction with a South African NGO (IMBEWU), he received funding from the Kellogg Foundation to develop a positive youth development program for youth in South Africa. The program was designed to encourage peer-to-peer and peer-to-sibling knowledge dissemination, based on the local cultural structure. Young adult volunteers from the local community were trained as teachers and implemented the highly interactive curriculum through local schools. He is currently working with another Southern African NGO (ATKYE – Kenya) to address HIV prevention and poverty reduction. His work with ATKYE is to create and implement a curriculum to help adolescents make good decisions in the areas of health, career choice, and personal relationships.