Life Sciences

Life Sciences 1 was constructed in 2007 and is located on Washington Street, within the life sciences corridor. The three-story, 72,000 sq. ft. building houses faculty members from the College of Science and the College of Veterinary Medicine, with specializations in microbiology, infectious disease, immunology, and proteomics.  It is home to Virginia Tech’s interdepartmental microbiology graduate program, with all recruiting, interviewing, orientation, seminars and many rotations taking place in the building. The second and third floors include offices, a core of specialized research laboratories, and a flexible laboratory bench area that can accommodate changing floor space needs of individual investigators.  A 26,000 sq. ft. animal vivarium is located on the lower floor.  David Popham, professor of biological sciences, is the Fralin Life Science Institute principal scientist responsible for general oversight of the building and coordination.

The Virginia Tech Mass Spectrometry Incubator is located on the second floor of the Life Sciences 1 Building and is used for the study of the functions and interactions of proteins and various metabolites. It includes mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF, electrophoresis, and chromatography equipment. Other resources include a Deltavision Deconvolution Microscope, a protein purification suite, containment laboratory, and multiple common equipment rooms.  A 50-person conference room and two smaller meeting spaces provide venues for microbiology seminars, presentations and graduate level courses and meetings.